Kids Create is a home-based education and care service licensed by the Ministry of Education. It is our aim to work in partnership with our Educators to provide culturally responsive, high quality curriculum in nurturing home environments. Currently our Educators are in the South Auckland area, but we have plans to expand into other parts of Auckland in the very near future.

Kids Create was born from the vision of the Directors to give children of diverse backgrounds the absolute best possible start to their education. They chose to set up a home-based service because they believe that children thrive best in circumstances where they can have close and personal relationships with a few key people, and where the pace of the day reflects what they would experience in their own home. The family-like environment found in home-based care allows children to unfold their potential in natural ways without undue stress and busyness.

The core values that drive everything that happens at Kids Create are: Integrity, empowerment, collaboration, excellence and diversity.