DAS Accountants & Tax Advisors

The Directors of Kids Create, Shalendra Das, and his wife Keshni are Nelson-based accountants. They provide tax and business advice to Educators, supporting them to run their home-based service effectively. They also provide accounting and administrative support to Kids Create, allowing our Programme Coordinators to focus on teaching and learning. Read more about Das Group companies here.

Inspired ECE

InspirED ECE

We have a close relationship with Barbara Watson (PhD) who provides on-going professional learning and pedagogical support to Programme Coordinators and Educators. Her work with the Kids Create team ensures that programmes and practice are up to date and based on sound research. Read more about inspirED ECE here.

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

We draw on the expertise of the Ministry of Education’s special education team to support those children who need additional assistance in order to reach their potential. Our qualified Programme Coordinators are skilled in assessment of children’s learning and make early requests for additional support when necessary.