At Kids Create we provide an environment where diversity of culture, ideas and ways of working are valued. We work in collaboration with Educators and families to create conditions where children can discover who they are and what they can do and be supported to flourish, learn and grow.

We believe that we are all learners and that by sharing our passions, questions, skills and knowledge with each other we can all become the best we can be. We seek to develop culturally and socially competent people, who have integrity, pursue excellence and who can work effectively with others for the benefit of all. We aim to foster the values of manaakitanga (being supportive and caring) and kaitiakitanga (taking responsibility) through providing a wide range of opportunities to interact with people, places and things.

Kids Create is an organisation in which children are supported to:

  • be self-directed, self-motivated learners
  • be empathetic and socially competent individuals
  • have a strong sense of self
  • value diversity and difference
  • be respectful and responsible members of New Zealand’s society
  • be resilient and adaptable
  • be critical thinkers and problem solvers

Our educators:

  • prioritise relationships and children’s learning
  • are knowledgeable and professionally minded
  • are motivated and improvement-focused
  • are effective communicators
  • have high personal integrity and standards

Kids Create management provides:

  • a supported pathway into business ownership
  • a strong professional culture through effective mentoring, coaching and professional development opportunities
  • a personalized approach to educator development
  • regular oversight and support of children’s learning and well-being
  • regular opportunities for children, families and educators to network together (playgroup, events, professional learning, study/special interest groups)