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Tagi Purcell–Lockeni

I decided to be an Educator, to help children and their families. I have three children who I enjoy teaching. It is very important to me that they are well educated.
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    Tagi Purcell – Lockeni
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    Mangere Bridge
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I want to become an educator because I feel the more personal environment that Home-based provides is warmer and more inviting for the children and their families. I love children so much, and I know their families love their children too. So, I decided to be an Educator, to help children and their families, and because I have three children who I teach and are well educated. I choose this opportunity because I can look after my own child while helping other families at the same time. I am so pleased to support and help any child to grow to their full potential.

I am passionate to see the children's development and learning first-hand as children grow and thrive under my care. Most important is that the children are safe and trust me so they can enjoy and have fun. Families entrusting me with their children is a privilege. I love the opportunity to play a role in children's lives during the vital first five years and to support families in my community. I like to offer an environment where children can learn and develop their social skills, to have fun with one another, and also share their emotions and build trusting relationships with each other. I do this by encouraging children to talk about their feelings, providing a kind and warm environment, and getting to know each child and their family. It is important that we work together with children while they are developing their mind. I also enjoy supporting Children in their literacy and math and any other interests, while making it as enjoyable as possible. I am a loving person and will give my best to help any child, I will make sure they are happy during the day. I will offer my support to help their learning, behaviour, and family needs.