Our dedicated educators provide a wide range of educational experiences for the children in their care. They are supported by qualified and experienced early childhood teachers to identify children’s interests and to support their love of learning. Programme Coordinators regularly visit Educators homes and work alongside them with the children, planning and implementing high quality and age appropriate learning experiences. We work in close partnership with parents and whanau. Because you know your children best, we communicate frequently with you about your child’s learning and identify next steps together.

National Early Childhood Curriculum

  • The Kids Create curriculum uses the national early childhood curriculum as its basis. This document prioritises relationships, empowerment, family and community, and holistic development. Therefore, our learning experiences focus on developing good attitudes to learning, collaborative and co-operative ways of working, emotional resilience, as well as physical and cognitive capability. We believe that children are born ready to learn and that the best way to support them is to allow natural curiosity to unfold their potential. Working in this way children will develop early reading and writing skills, social and emotional competence and physical ability as a consequence of fully participating in life.

Regular Excursions

  • As well as planning individual and group experiences in the home, our Educators are encouraged to take children out into the community on frequent excursions. Trips to the local shop, park or playground reflect what might happen for children in their own homes and allows them to participate in community life.

Regular Playgroups

  • We also have regular playgroups when a number of Educators and the children they care for come together at the Kids Create office. We have a fully equipped playroom where children can socialise in a larger group and participate in experiences and with equipment that might not be available to them in the Educators home. One of our qualified Programme Coordinators leads each playgroup session.