All our Educators are carefully selected and undergo a complete police check before starting with us. It is a requirement that they hold a current first aid certificate and many of them are currently undertaking or are soon to commence study towards formal qualifications in early childhood education.

Our Educators all have a passion for working with young children and for partnering with families to provide their education and care needs. Educators are independent contractors who provide education and care services under agreement with Kids Create. Programme Coordinators oversee their practice and ensure that homes comply with all Ministry of Education requirements.

Educators bring a wide range of life experience to their work and come from a range of cultural backgrounds. It is our aim to match you with an Educator who shares similar beliefs and values and who can provide care for the times and days you require. You can click through to the individual profiles of Educators below.

Hardeep Kaur

Location: Pakuranga

I believe in providing a welcoming and fun filled learning environment for children where they feel happy, and secure in a trusting, caring, home life setting. My home has a large, fully fenced section where many outdoor experiences can take place.  I can speak three languages; English, Punjabi and Hindi and I hold a Bachelor of Arts. 

I have one young daughter and love spending time with children.  Together we love visiting our local parks, library and playing in our large garden area.  I love new experiences and will continue to develop my Educator skills.

Sarbjeet Kaur

Sarbjeet Kaur

Location: Papatoetoe

In India I worked as a computer science teacher in high school and I have a Masters degree in science. Since moving to New Zealand I have worked for a variety of companies including a courier and a transport company and gained my Diploma in Information Technology.

Working as an Educator allows me to work while meeting the needs of my young family. I enjoy supporting children to become independent and I can communicate in English, Punjabi and Hindi.

Danielle Coulter

I love how the home-based environment allows for spending one-on-one time with the children in my care. I value building respectful relationships with both children and adults and enjoy connecting with the people in my local community.

The home-based day allows us to have excursions to playgroups, trips to the zoo and other community events in our area.

I believe children learn through play and actively exploring their environment. The children in my care have a deep sense of belonging. I am able to support them to grow, develop, and learn according to their interests, having lots of fun along the way.

Alex Zhang

Location: Halfmoon Bay

I love being an educator because I feel happiest when interacting and playing with children. I think that providing children with a happy and loving environment is very important in their development.

I think children need to learn to take responsibility when they are young.

I have completed the New Start Programme at the University of Auckland. As a student studying dance I believe in the importance of children dancing in their formative development. I like to let the children learn and explore through dance.

Ramandeep Kaur

Ramandeep Kaur Sra

Location: Papatoetoe

I am originally from India and I speak Punjabi, Hindi and English.

I have a B.A and a Diploma of Physical Education from my home country, India and worked as a physical education teacher before moving to New Zealand. I have been with Kids Create for two years now and enjoy providing an environment where they can learn and grow with my assistance. I love being able to contribute – not only to the children’s lives but to the lives of their families too.

Grace Malupo

My name is Grace Malupo. I am originally from Tonga I have many years of experiences working with children through teaching young children at Sunday Tongan church school.

I am passionate about working with children at home and helping them to reach their full potential. I encourage child-initiated activities and provoke ideas through open ended questions and play. I believe every child has their unique characteristics and that my role is to provide a safe and enriching environment for them to learn and grow.

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Manpreet Kaur Sandhu

Location: Flatbush

I have been working as a Kids Create Educator for five years and feel like the company is family, working together with me in the interests of children. I love learning in my role as Educator and helping children to learn is dear to my heart. I really enjoy children’s company and sharing in their passions.

I have a BA in Arts from India and I speak both Punjabi and Hindi as well as English.

Paige Rae

I enjoy exploring new places and have a love of learning. To me, home-based education and care means that I can provide a ‘home away from home,’ where children are not rushed in their day. There is freedom to explore and develop new skills according to each child’s interests. I encourage children to grow in their independence, supporting them both emotionally and physically through guidance, encouragement and a wide variety of experiences and activities. I enjoy spending time out in the community and seeing the learning that occurs with these experiences. I love to capture these moments, sharing them with the families I work with.

Salote Koula

My name is Salote Koula I am from Tonga, I am a married mother of 4 young children, and this is where my great love for young children and my interests in their development and personal growth originated.

I have a keen interest in alternative teaching strategies and my belief is that learning is an active process that requires learners to be involved and excited about the activities they participate in.

I am always ready for a new challenge and look forward to being a part of the exciting learning journey of each learner and family at Kids Create.

Ramanpreet Kaur

Ramanpreet Kaur

Location: Papatoetoe

In my home country, India, I worked as qualified nurse, including time in pediatrics. My love of children has now led me to study as towards becoming an early childhood teacher . Being an Educator allows me to put my learning into practice and to share my passion for guiding children on the right path and supporting their learning.

I aim to provide for each individual child by providing learning opportunities that meet their interests, while also providing for their safety and wellbeing. Kids Create supports Educators to stay up to date and to continue to learn and develop.

Harpreet Kaur

Location: Papatoetoe

I recently joined Kids Create as an Educator. I have a M. Sc. In Mathematics from India, and Health and Wellbeing course from New Zealand. I speak Punjabi, Hindi and English.

I enjoy my time being a mother and spending time with the children. This is the reason I decided to be an educator. I like to help them learn different skills to get ready for primary school by providing opportunities to learn literacy and numeracy through play. My son allows me to feel more connected to young children and be part of their experience. I am passionate about Early Childhood Education. I believe that children should have social and self-help skills to be confident in outside world. I also believe in providing play-based activities and a safe outside environment.

I focus on developing strong relationships with children so they can trust me completely and feel safe around me.

Ashlee Zhang

Location: Botany Downs

I recently joined Kids Create as an Educator because I love looking after children. I am studying dance (Postgraduate) at the University of Auckland and enjoy teaching children to dance. I speak English and Mandarin.

I love being a carer and educator for my younger brother and other children. I think children learn best when playing and interacting. Keeping them interested creates the best learning environment.

Rajwinder Kaur (Raj)

Location: Manurewa

Hi, I am Rajwinder Kaur (Raj) here to help the families by providing good education and care with love at my home-based education and child care. I love to spend my time with children to explore new things every day. I am a mum of two kids.

I think a house is the safest and most comfortable place for everyone. For children, it’s a place for love and care. So I think children feel more secure and comfortable at home and it makes their learning and development full of happiness and enjoyment. I speak Punjabi, English, and Hindi.

Aroha Taka 

Location: Papakura 

I am a ‘stay at home’ mother of 8 and a step mum to 5. I love being a mum, my youngest two children are 4 years and 3 years old. I would like them to be able to build friendships in a safe and happy environment. I offer a warm, and loving care in a happy, safe and joyful environment.

I have volunteered as a Teachers Aide at Kohanga Reo and have helped out with my own children’s Kohanga Reo, Kindergarten and School trips. I believe I have the best experience in taking care of anyone’s children. Before I became a mother, I helped raise my siblings as I am the oldest of nine children.