Tuitui Vakauta

I have chosen to be an educator as I love to spend time with children. I want to provide love and emotional support while offering them learning opportunities.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Damanpreet Kaur

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management in New Zealand and Nursery Teacher Training as well as experience in primary teaching for one year in India.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Pona Tanoa

Glen Innes
I can speak English and Samoan. I have experience in taking care of children, giving them advice and respecting their values and culture.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Seiao Saumani

Wattle Downs
I want to help make a real difference in children’s lives.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Lisa Ding

Farm Cove
Caring for children and helping them with their learning is something I enjoy.
  • Ages: 3-5 Years

Nicole Yang

I would like to provide an environment that is like their family or home environment.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Wynne Wang

The first five years of a child’s life is essential for future growth. I think it is important to provide the children with a happy and loving environment while they are young.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Rainbow Tan

I have experience as a tutor for my neighbours’ children, teaching them Chinese and Maths. I can speak both Chinese and English.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Judy Yao

I have a degree in art from China, which has led to me being an art teacher in both China and New Zealand. I can speak English and Mandarin.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Tagi Purcell–Lockeni

Mangere Bridge
I decided to be an Educator, to help children and their families and because I have three children and I teach each of them and they are well educated.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Harpreet Kaur

I enjoy my time being a mother and spending time with children, which is why I chose to become an educator.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years

Ramandeep Kaur

I have been with Kids Create for two years now and enjoy providing an environment where children can learn and grow with my assistance.
  • Ages: 2-4 Years

Ramanpreet Kaur

Goodwood Heights
Being an Educator allows me to put my learning into practice and to share my passion for guiding children on the right path and supporting their learning.
  • Ages: 0-5 Years