Namaste. I am originally from India and am the proud mum of a son. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family, reading books, travelling, and listening to music.

After working as a teacher and Head Teacher in ECE centres for nine years, I joined Kids Create in April 2020 as a programme coordinator. I believe that home-based care provides the opportunity for closer relationships and more secured bonding than in centres, because of the lower ratio and greater flexibility.

I love working with children. Being an admirer of Reggio Emilia Approach, I believe that the environment as a third teacher, so I enjoy taking children into nature to foster a love for learning. I also believe that children can create their own learning opportunities and achieve milestones; the only thing they need is the right direction. As a Programme Coordinator, it is my responsibility to give support and share my knowledge home-based with educators, empowering them to provide focused learning experiences for children.